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Employers are required by law to practice due diligence when hiring, training, and supervising their employees. If someone happens to get hurt because a specific employer didn’t follow those rules, the employer can be held liable for negligence.

Negligent Hiring Basics

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The main elements in negligent hiring, training, and retention claims fall under four categories. The employer is responsible for hiring competent workers; the employer failed in that responsibility; that employer’s breach of duty created conditions that caused the plaintiff’s harm; or the injury sustained by the plaintiff applies to a specific legal stipulation that allows for recovery.

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Hand being held in air showing wrist injury with bandageGeneral negligence refers to a circumstance in which another party’s actions can be classified as improper care, causing harm to another party. The term indicates that an individual’s recklessness resulted in injuries, necessitating the affected party to sue for compensation. Below are more details on what general negligence constitutes.

How to Establish a General Negligence Case

While there is no specific technique to determine whether or not an action resulted from general neglect, the most effective way is to ask if a rational person would have acted similarly under the circumstances. If a prudent individual would not have taken the same course of action, it is right to assume that the consequences are a result of general negligence.

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