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New York is a no-fault state for auto accident claims. If you get in an accident, you can receive reimbursement for the cost of injuries regardless of who caused the collision. Before paying out of pocket for medical bills, learn how no-fault laws impact your insurance claim.

Reviewing the Extent of Coverage

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New York requires drivers to have no-fault coverage for personal injury protection. With this type of policy, you can request reimbursement for lost wages and medical costs resulting from the accident. You can also use these funds to cover the cost of travel to and from medical appointments, household help if you become disabled, and other reasonable expenses.

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Every driver hopes that they never get involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, reckless driving, bad weather, car engine failure, and other factors can lead to one. Truck accidents are more dangerous than car accidents as trucks are massive and will have a more significant impact. Truck accidents often lead to serious or fatal injuries, financial burdens due to medical bills, and emotional trauma for both the injured and their loved ones. Therefore, it is vital to consult with a lawyer to understand all viable legal options to file a truck accident claim. Here are some of the claims to include.

Economic Damages Incurred

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Economic damages incurred during a truck accident are relatively easy to account for since they have an actual monetary value. Your attorney will assess all the information required to calculate the economic damages, including but not limited to damage to your vehicle or property, cost of physical therapy and other medical expenses, renovation cost to your property due to damage, and lost wages.

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