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The Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) lets you file a damages claim arising from a federal entity’s negligence. A successful injury claim needs to follow specific steps that the FTCA has laid out. Learn more about what you can sue for and what to keep in mind before you initiate legal action.

Claims Permitted By the FTCA

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FTCA claims usually provide monetary compensations for injury or property loss due to an act of negligence from government employees. Such claims are, however, subject to different limitations and exceptions. For one, you can only sue federal employees and not independent contractors working for the federal government. The negligent act also needs to have taken place within the employee’s scope of employment. The FTCA doesn’t allow claims on intentional misconduct but only focuses on negligence. State laws also play a role in the success of your application. You’ll need to base your claim on the state’s statutes where the negligent conduct took place.

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