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In New York City, walking is one of the primary means of transportation. In fact, a study released by Fitbit found that New Yorkers walk more than people living in any other major metropolitan city—regardless of the season. However, even walking in the Big Apple can come with hazards. Sunken, cracked, or snow-covered sidewalks create obstacles that can lead to serious injury in a densely populated city. If you are injured due to a poorly maintained sidewalk, here are a few tips to determine who is responsible.

What Types of Issues Fall Under Negligence?

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Property owners are responsible for maintaining reasonably safe conditions in their entryways, storefronts, and, in most cases, the sidewalks adjacent to their properties. If a defect is identified by the city as a danger to the public, the owner must make the repairs in accordance with section 19-152 of the NYC Administrative Code. The following are examples of flaggable offenses that require service:

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