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Seafarers on boats, ships, liners, yachts, and other maritime-related vessels are often injured each day. Some of these accidents are caused by breakages or productions of defective maritime products. In the case that a defective marine product leads to an accident or an injury on navigable water or the dock, the injured party can file a claim. Also, the product which leads to an injury must meet the definition of a defective product as per maritime law. The plaintiff needs to hire a competent and reputable lawyer for consultation and to sue the party at fault. The tips below will aid in determining who is at fault in a defective maritime product case and the resulting action that they should take.

Parties Responsible for a Defective Maritime Product

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According to the general maritime law, a manufacturer of a defective product is only held accountable in the event of an accident or injury. Anyone selling any product that is in a poor state and likely to injure the consumer is subject to accountability for any physical harm caused by the product. For one to pursue a claim of strict liability, he or she does not have to be the direct purchaser of the maritime product. As such, a third party injured by a defective product can hold the manufacturer responsible for the injury in a court of law.

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