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A study conducted by researchers at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine indicates that over 250,000 people die each year due to various medical errors. While most medical procedures are intended to improve the health of a patient, a small mistake in their medical record could lead to severe consequences. If a physician’s negligence causes wrongful death or harm to an individual, the family or patient can sue the party at fault for medical malpractice. Below is an explanation of how medical errors occur and how they get reviewed in a malpractice case.

How Do Errors in Medical Records Result in Malpractice?

All records regarding a patient’s history play a significant role in determining what kind of medical attention they receive. Physicians always reference a patient’s file when they administer treatment. If there was a mistake when the initial diagnosis was made or transcribed, this could affect the patient’s care by allowing their condition to get worse or causing them to undergo unnecessary medical procedures.

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