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The New York State Department of Health has established that all nursing home residents are entitled to comfortable living conditions and respectful, quality care. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect is nevertheless a reality that many residents and their family members must face. If you have a loved one living in a nursing home, be aware of these three common signs of neglect.

Unexplained Injuries or Health Problems

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Unexplained resident injuries and health problems are often some of the most obvious signs that a nursing home has been neglectful. These signs may be minor, including small bruises, cuts, and abrasions, or major, including broken bones, untreated bedsores, head injuries, dehydration, serious illnesses, and rapid changes in weight. While these signs may sometimes indicate outright abuse, they are more often evidence that nursing home staff members have been negligent and have fostered an unsafe living environment.

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Though everyone hopes that their loved ones are receiving quality care, many nursing home residents experience some form of neglect. According to several sources, about five million cases of elder abuse happen each year. Not all of these occur in nursing homes, but understanding different types of nursing home neglect can help you spot the signs of abuse and talk to your loved one about it.


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Abandonment occurs when the nursing home employee who is responsible for caring for a resident deserts them. This can mean that they are not making the necessary amount of visits to the resident’s room. Abandonment can also include leaving a resident alone in a common area when they should be monitored more closely. This form of neglect defeats the purpose of placing a loved one in assisted living because it denies them the care they need. When you visit your loved one, keep an eye on how many employees you see helping residents.

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