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Surgery of any kind is fraught with perils for the patient. There is nervousness over being in a hospital and dealing with anesthesia. What kind of scar they might have afterwards. How long it will take to recover after the surgery. But having a sponge or a medical instrument left inside your body is not what a patient wants to hear from their surgeon. So the patient sues for medical malpractice, but not every medical instrument left inside a patient’s body will be considered medical malpractice.

The Guide Wire

In 2004, a woman had a biopsy of her lung. The surgeon inserted a guide wire for to make sure he was focused on the correct area of the lung. During the biopsy, the guide wire dislodged. The surgeon spent 20 minutes searching for the guide wire, but was unsuccessful. He left the guide wire inside the patient and ended the surgical procedure because he thought it was in the patient’s best interest. The surgeon informed the woman about the guide wire and explained why he had left it in.

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